Though she's from Ohio and currently resides in Madison, Costanzo favors the bare-bone melancholy musings of Appalachia, with a dash of Joni Mitchell's windswept Canada thrown in"...”

— The Onion

(Costanzo's) playing and singing have the starkness of Gillian Welch. (She) has a beautiful voice that exudes a sense of weariness with a touch of hope. With an introspective streak a mile wide...(she) lets her music invite you into her world...”

— The Greenman Review

Costanzo plays acoustic guitar and sings earnest songs packed with lyrics about the heart...her voice recalls that of smoky-smooth Cowboy Junkies vocalist Margo Timmins...”

— The Columbus Dispatch

Costanzo draws heavily from her youth at the foot of the Appalachians in portraying (her) travels through life and love...(Big Sky) rises and falls on Costanzos breathy voice and yearning narrative.”

— The Isthmus

Think Gillian Welch, think Joni Mitchell, think Eva Cassidy alive and well, and you're still nowhere near. Appalacihan-spawned, Madison, Wisconsin based Costanzo does sparse, acoustic-folk fragility like all and none of the above"...Splendid ”

— Splendid