Big Sky

2003 Release: Big Sky Reviews: "This is an atmospheric and rural-sounding debut by Costanzo. She has a clear, lovely voice and writes story-songs like Dar Williams does. The voices of her narrators are as strong as you can wish for... Costanzo has a very real talent and this is an intriguing first step." The Ectophile's Guide to Good Music "...Costanzo evokes the bygone whisperings of Joan Baez, Neil Young and even the Dead..her dreamy, poetic songs effectively weave the genres of country, folk and rock without getting mired in the land of neo-hippie cliche." The Sheperd Express, Milwaukee "This is a very beautiful piece of work ...dreamy, and often more like musical poetry, these are heartfelt soliloquies that are squarely focused on the center attraction: Costanzo's voice and guitar..." RICK'S CAFÉ, SOUTH CENTRAL WISCONSIN

You can purchase this from CD Baby (click on link below) or directly from me (see information below the EP).

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This four song EP features Andy Ewen, of the legendary Madison band, Honor Among Thieves, on electric guitar and Shiela Shigley (The Getaway Drivers, Navan) on violin and backup vocal.  This was produced by Mark Adkins in Feburary 2009. 


Mail directly to me for the 4 song EP ($7.00) or package deal (EP & Big Sky-$20.00).  Mail your check to Christine Costanzo, 408 S. Baldwin St., Madison, WI 53703.